Dinner and Kids' Pack Lunches for 26 - 30 November 2017

The cauliflower soup, chicken korma and pea and ham pasta are all great dishes for the freezer, and if there is something your kids aren’t so keen to try later in the week then an extra portion of the pea and ham pasta would be welcomed instead I’m sure. I also add a tin of sweetcorn or some shredded spinach for an extra veggie boost too.

The leftover ham can be used for the kid’s ham sandwiches the next day too, and if you don’t eat pork it can be easily substituted with Turkey ham.

Garlic mushrooms on toast may not feel like a meal, however its good to balance the week with some lighter options, and sometimes simple is best and this dish is very tasty! If you feel its not substantial enough then mix it into some cooked pasta; delicious!

Ensuring you have fish in your diet at least once a week is really important so the earlier you get the kids used to eating fish (other than fish fingers J) the better.

Korma is a great introduction to a more mild curry for kids; again you can reduce the spice according to your family.

Or download each one individually by clicking on the images below. 

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