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1 Month Subscription

Save time and money with our most popular meal plan subscription! With just one easy click, you will receive a weekly email with a grocery list and recipe steps to create delicious, healthy dinners at home.

Our 1-month plan features 5 balanced dinners per week over a period of 4 weeks, giving you a total of 20 new scrumptious recipes to add to your collection.

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3 Month Subscription

Healthy eating has never been easier with our 3-month meal plan subscription! Our nutritionally balanced family-friendly recipes feature meat, chicken, fish, and vegetarian dinners, so that you never get bored of cooking or eating.

Each week, 5 new recipes and a shopping list will be delivered directly to your inbox, including suggestions for kid-friendly substitutions.

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6 Month Subscription

Healthy, home cooked dinners without the stress! Our 6-month meal plan subscription is ideal for working families and busy mums, because we literally take control of all the planning.

Each Thursday morning you will receive 5 recipes for next week’s dinners, including an easy link to do your shopping online and get your groceries delivered. Mealtimes couldn’t be easier or more delicious. 

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Kid's Pack Lunches

Inspired pack lunches that both you and the kids will love! By rethinking lunchbox snacks, we can help you simplify this parenting chore with easy ideas that get your kids are excited about eating a healthy, balanced meal at school.

Our printable weekly planner and shopping list will be emailed to you every Thursday, and even includes a cute little lunchbox note.

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Combo: Dinners + Kids Pack Lunches

The ultimate meal plan for busy parents on the go! Combining our super popular dinner and kids pack lunch subscriptions together, means you’ll have more energy and time to spend with your loved ones.

Each week, you’ll receive a weekly planner to stick on your fridge and inspire fresh, new lunchbox ideas for the little ones, and your weeknight dinners will be sorted with healthy, wholesome recipes and shopping list to ease your to-do list.

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Low Carb Dinners

Low carb, high taste! Our specially curated low-carb meal plan features nutritious mouth-watering recipes that deliver a high-energy, grain-free dinners that help you lose weight and feel great!

You will receive a weekly email with 5 balanced recipes featuring meats, seasonal fruit and veggies, as well as a convenient shopping list to make your life easier.

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